A few weeks after Climate Rage Week, we're inviting you to the next Rage Climatique town hall meeting, where we'll be determining the focus of our next campaign, as well as an action plan for future mobilizations! 

Last September, the federal and provincial governments announced the largest public investment in the private sector in the history of so-called Quebec: $7 billion to build a mega-battery factory for electric cars. The new factory of Swedish giant Northvolt will be built near a wooded area and the Richelieu River on Montreal's South Shore. The plant's construction threatens the existence of two already vulnerable bird species, in addition to destroying 40 hectares of natural wetlands. Shortly afterwards, the same government announced that it would not absorb the $2.5 billion deficit projected by the ARTM over the next five years. Instead of promoting access to and increasing the supply of public transport, the government chooses to help the automotive industry by heavily financing the electric battery sector.

These decisions are indicative of a capitalist vision of the ecological transition: enriching polluting industries, notably mining companies, rather than freeing us from car addiction. This project goes in line with the "Plan for a green economy" promoted by CAQ, in which the state plans to increase the hydroelectrical production by at least 100TWh while current production is around 200TWh. In short, the NorthVolt project is a symbol of the growth paradigm of which car culture is a symptom. 

In this perspective we invite you at the next popular assembly of Rage Climatique, which aim to launch a campaign aganinst NorthVolt and to plan the upcoming mobilization! This will also be an opportunity to join committees and take part in the work!

Here's the link to the People's Assembly proposals booklet: https://cryptpad.ingouvernables.info/pad/#/2/pad/view/4dP5CxfjAgHFgUu2vPfGtg3++ftvZl3eHqBGtHjeTuw/

Sunday 26 November 2023 - 12:00pm
A-1750 du pavillon Aquin à l'UQÀM.