The COP15 international summit is fast approaching. To help build this movement and prepare ourselves for resistance, the Anti-Capitalist and Ecologist Coalition Against COP15 invites you to a teach-in. We will be hosting a series of workshops about safety during demonstrations, computer security, legal support, why it's important to oppose the COP15, the commercialization of nature and greenwashing, among others.

This teach-in is open to all and aims to create spaces for discussion and knowledge sharing. It is a great opportunity to learn about social mobilization practices and to share your personal experiences.

Heure Emma Goldman Room Voltairine de Cleyre Room
12h30-14h Why block COP15
This workshop presents COP15 and its problems, followed by the problems that the UN have with representation of minorities and why it is hard for them to change that, especially around biodiversity. Afterward, beyond the inefficiency, the ways by which COP15 leads to an increase in the commodification of life, the private ownership of knowledge, protected areas and the biodiversity credits.
This workshop will be in English
Introduction to legal self-defense

1) What to do if you get arrested
2) How to dispute a ticket
3) The basics of the legal process
4) Is self-representation in court a good idea?

This workshop will be given in French. Whispered translation to English will be available.

14h30-16h Contre le colonialisme vert - stop the new Vic project
As a follow-up to the Kahnistensera solidarity campaign, this workshop aims to develop a critical perspective on "green" colonialism as it is presented in the New Vic project of McGill and the Quebec government. The workshop will offer a summary of the project, a presentation of the Kahnistensera's demands for the future of this site, and a brief discussion of our possibilities for intervention as settlers and anarchists.

This workshop wil be bilingual, whispered translation to English and French will be provided.

Protest safety

This workshop aims to equip activists to develop individual and collective reflexes that will allow them to build combative social movements, capable of resisting the pressure of the police on the streets.

This workshop will be a space for the transmission and sharing of knowledge and know-how acquired through the direct experiences of the mobilizations of the last decade in so-called Montreal. 

We will discuss civil disobedience, different types of demonstrations, evaluation and communication of risk levels, attitudes and practices to promote safety for ourselves and our comrades in the context of a demonstration, tactics and weapons of repression that the police mobilize against social movements, as well as the means at our disposal to confront them.

This workshop will be given in French. Whispered translation to English will be available.

16h30-18h Digital security 101
This workshop aims to give tools to secure our phones, computers and communications so our informations don't fall into bad hands.
This workshop will be given in French. Whispered translation to English will be available.
Biodiversity and indigenous people's rights
Human rights and social justice must be at the heart of the fight against climate change. Without them, the climate crisis and biodiversity loss cannot be solved. On the contrary, some so-called "solutions" to climate change risk being as disastrous for human rights as climate change itself.

This is the case of Protected Areas, supported by large conservation NGOs, which in Africa and Asia lead to the expulsion of indigenous peoples from their territories and to massive violence, including murder and torture. This is also the case of the so-called "Nature-based Solutions", which are based on carbon offsetting mechanisms and have a devastating effect on the lands and lives of indigenous peoples.

This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss these issues, share experiences, and reflect on how to link these struggles.

This workshop is given by Survival International

The workshop will be given in French. Whispered translation to English will be provided.

Childcare is available upon request. Please contact at least 48 hours prior to the event if you require this service.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Saturday 26 November 2022 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm
À l'University Centre de l'université McGill (3480 McTavish)